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Wreck dive at F488 Afonso Cerqueira

The Corveta Afonso was sunk on 4 September 2018 south of Cabo Girão, off the coast of the island of Madeira. The ship, which immediately after sinking was declared a national park, forms an artificial reef that is home to a variety of marine animals. The wreck is easily accessible by boat. Get in the water from the boat to discover this impressive warship. The Corveta is 85 meters long and is still in excellent condition. Package includes: Boat
per person
All year Round

Dolphins experience

Using specific approach techniques and relying on the dolphin's amazing intelligence and inherent interest in humans, we now are able to share with YOU open
10 min
All year Round

Whales / Dolphins watching Tour in the best area of Madeira

All year round we operate whale and dolphin watching tours. In the Ocean, there is always something to see, especially because we do have resident
11:00, 16:00

Dive Boat Trip at the Marine Reserve

Garajau National Park is by far the most exciting dive area you can find in Madeira. This zone is a paradise for underwater photography. Marine
All year Round
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Zero Gravity Experience | Try Scuba Diving

Looking for a new adventure? Try our Zero Gravity Experience! Does scuba diving fascinate you and you have always wanted to try it out? Then
All year Round


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We dive at the most exciting dive sites of Madeira island!
Daily trips to Garajau Marine reserve and the Afonso Cerqueira wreck
Azul diving center is awarded n.1 for the number of certifications in the region with +2500 students and counting
5 Stars reviews from TripAdvisor

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Zero Gravity Experience | Try Scuba Diving

With my friend, we did a baptism dive called Zero Gravity Experience and it was simply FANTASTIC from the first minutes until the end. Marco & Esther are both very nice, funny and cheerful people, big professionals who care of your safety but also want you to have fun and
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Kayak & Trekking

“Amazing Kayaking Experience” We spend 3+ hours kayaking and snorkeling on the cost of south-east Madeira. Blue ocean, sun, waves, rocks, birds, wind, caves – everything one may imagine is needed to have great time in kayak. It was our very first experience with kayak on the ocean. Guide from
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Swim with Dolphins – Madeira

This tour is really worth while. The organisers make such an effort to provide a full experience and they truly give it all. We soon found dolphins but this was the bigger kind we could not swim with. Then it took us a while to find the spotted ones. They did not think of the time limit and just kept on going. In the meanwhile we saw 3 spermwhales and followed them for a while. And in the end we finally came accross the spotted dolphins and we could get into the water. Great experience and thumbs up for the guides for putting all the effort and enthusiasm!
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