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Wreck dive at F488 Afonso Cerqueira

The Corveta Afonso was sunk on 4 September 2018 south of Cabo Girão, off the coast of the island of Madeira. The ship, which immediately after sinking was declared a national park, forms an artificial reef that is home to a variety of marine animals.

The wreck is easily accessible by boat. Get in the water from the boat to discover this impressive warship. The Corveta is 85 meters long and is still in excellent condition.

Package includes:

Boat trip at Cabo Girão Marine Park;

12 liter AIR bottle filled to 200 bar;

weight belt;

Dive guide (max ratio 6:1);

*For certified divers only

** National Park fee: 3 euros per dive to be paid separately


Additional information

CertificationOpen Water Diver or Equivalent
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wreck diving madeira
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azul diving madeira funchal
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