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Crossover program from all recognized agency



Being certified as a professional with two or more agencies is a no brainer; the more credentials you hold, the better your chances of obtaining the employment you want. SSI has been around for more than 40 years, and since being acquired by HEAD (Mares), has grown in leaps and bounds. Schools and shops who were once loyal to other agencies like PADI, CMAS, SDI or NAUI, are crossing over to SSI every day, with some incredibly successful and large operations deciding to switch to SSI entirely. Because of this, SSI Professionals are in high demand, so you can crossover and start working right after the course!

And the good news is, you can continue to be an active divemaster or instructor with your current agency if you wish so. Unlike other organizations, SSI won’t bully you because they want you to be successful and understand that you are more employable with multiple credentials.

SSI has also simplified its crossover program for divemasters and instructors for Recreational, Technical or Freediving. As a qualified professional you already know your job, so the crossover is designed to familiarize you with the SSI Total Teaching System and the difference in our water skills. It’s that simple.

The ratings you currently hold will be matched one-to-one with SSI ratings.

Check Your Equivalences

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Employment opportunities

SSI Instructors are always in demand! They’re all in constant need of well-trained SSI instructors. By being dual certified, you’ll be far more employable. That’s a fact. Also, SSI is the fastest growing dive agency with thousands of dive centers worldwide, so the employment opportunities will only increase with time.

Open Water Instructor (OWSI or Equivalent)

The crossover as an active Open Water Instructor from a recognized agency to SSI requires:

1) completion of online academics; 2) in-water training to familiarize you with SSI techniques and evaluation of students; 3) in-class training to familiarize you with the SSI methods of lecturing, conducting active-learning, and evaluation of students; 4) your SSI professional registration fee valid for one year; and 5) other required materials.

Training is completed over 2 full days.

The total cost for the crossover is € 600.00  (All training materials, registration fees included, 1-year active status included). ​

Depending on the season housing may or may not be available.