Located on the peninsula of Ponta de São Lourenço, along the southeastern coast of Madeira Island, the Quinta do Lorde Resort – Hotel – Marina is a 5-star resort offering luxurious accommodation and thoughtful services. Resembling a typical Madeiran village, brightly colored buildings are connected by green areas and interspersed with cobbled paths.

The stunning reddish hill of the Madonna da Piedade overlooks the marina where Azul Diving Center is located. This is a local place of worship, linked to an old legend and tradition. It is said that the sanctuary was built by a fisherman who, surprised in the night by a storm at sea, survived a shipwreck right here, on the beach at the foot of the hill.


Well worth the drive out of the city!! Absolute luxury…it’s like a small village. The infinity pool is awesome, the restaurants are world class, the staff is oh-so-friendly, and the location is stunning! Highly recommend this resort over all others of you are traveling to Madeira!


Ponta de São Lourenço is a unique area of the island, due to its terrain and unique vegetation. It is considered one of the calling cards of the region, where the blue of the sea blends into nature on land.

Within a protected bay, the Quinta do Lorde Resort – Hotel – Marina offers an oasis of tranquility and rest before or after visiting Funchal, hiking along the close Baia Da Abra walk or diving with Azul Diving Madeira. Azul Diving Center’s guests and their companions are welcome to enjoy the private beach area, the bar and a natural swimming pool, kissed by the Atlantic Ocean’s waves and tides.

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