The photos will be uploaded as high resolution images on dropbox or copied to a memory stick.

Available: Digital Underwater Photography, Navigation, Night and Limited visibility, Peak Performance Buoyancy, DSAT Gas Blender, Naturalist, Science of Diving, Oxygen Provider, Ocean Reef Full Face Mask, Drift diver, Marine Ecology and more…

The course includes:  theory modules,  3 deep boat dives, teaching materials,  SSI certification.

Duration: 2 days – Minimum age: 15 years – Max Depth: 40mt

React Right SSI
The course includes : theory and practical exercises of first aid techniques, teaching material and globally recognized EFR or React Right certification.

The course includes: 5 theory modules, 10 open water exercises, 2 housereef dives with scenarios, teaching material, SSI certification.

Duration: 3/4 days – Minimum Age: 15 years (The PADI certification fee is extra)

The program includes: 1 theory module, 1 skills session in the natural pool of Quinta do Lorde, 1 housereef dive for a maximum dive time of 60 min at 12-18mt, complete scuba equipment and Insurance.

The course includes: 5 theory modules, 4 housereef dives, 1 boat dive, teaching materials, SSI certification.

Duration: 2/3 days – Minimum age: 10 years – Max Depth: 30mt/21m (The PADI certification fee is extra)