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We welcome all freedivers and apnea divers to Azul Diving Center. Ponta de Sao Lourenco Protected Area, on the eastern tip of Madeira is the perfect environment for a safe and fun practice of Freediving in Madeira with crystal clear waters, shallow lagoons and vertical drop-off up to 40mt. If you need to rent any other diving equipment do feel free to contact us in the dive center.

We offer you:

  • Introductory dive in freediving (1/2 day)
  • SSI Basic Freediver courses (1 day)

These courses are available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

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TRY Freediving is your chance to get wet and experience what freediving is all about. With the Try Freediving program, you have the chance to experience breathing workshop, and confined water session in the ocean.

Duration: 3 hours     Price : 60€

Included: Student manual (Free E-learning)  Freediving fins, rubber weight belt  SSI Free Diver Diploma.

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Freediving Basic is your chance to get wet and experience what freediving is all about.

Learn the necessary skills and knowledge to partake in the recreational sport of Freediving in a safe and enjoyable manner and achieve the following performance standard:

  • Dynamic swimming for 30 meters
  • SWB Rescue, LMC Surface Rescue
  • The equipment for free diving, its importance and how to select the correct pieces to suit you
  • The physiology of freediving is key to understanding how your body reacts and performs in the underwater environment
  • Breathing techniques and breathing training – you’ll be surprised by how much you improve
  • The correct in-water techniques for executing a dive
  • Effective finning techniques and streamlining for efficiency
  • The value of and how to effectively dive with a buddy
  • Dive planning and emergency management
  • An understanding of water conditions and the marine environment as they relate to freediving

Duration: 1 day    Price : 150€

Included: Student manual (Free E-learning) , Freediving fins, rubber weight belt SSI Basic Diver Certification.

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SSI Freediving Instructor