Our fantastic crew will gladly accompany you in the most exciting dive spots of the island, from Garajau Marine Reserve to the famous Wreck Afonso Cerqueira F488!

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GARAJAU National Park


This is the most exciting diving area of the island, a paradise for our divers and for underwater photography. Marine life is definitely abundant. Divers may find here tunas, mackerels, large groupers and barracudas, huge rays, jacks, turtles, morays, and many more. The average depth is 20 m.
Location: southern coast of Madeira

At 9.30 and 13.30

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The Corveta Afonso was sunk on 4 September 2018 south of Cabo Girão, off the coast of the island of Madeira. The ship, which immediately after sinking was declared a national park, forms an artificial reef that is home to a variety of marine animals.

The wreck is easily accessible by boat. Get in the water from the boat to discover this impressive warship. The Corveta is 85 meters long and is still in excellent condition.

At 9.30 and 13.30


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A few steps from the shop, a solid concrete jetty stretches out into the bay, sheltered from the wind. Equipped with stairs, handrails and a practical platform at the sea surface level, our jetty offers an easy entry and exit point for divers and swimmers. It is an easy and lovely dive spot, where the alternate between rocky and sandy bottoms allows to spot different species of marine organisms, such as octopi and cuttlefish, barracudas, stingrays, and eagle rays, moray eels, and much more.

 Everyday at 10 am or 2 pm – Night dives at sunset time

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