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Swimming with Sharks

If you are looking for adrenaline buzz then snorkeling with sharks is exactly what you need! Swimming safely with sharks in Madeira it is a life time experience you won't regret! LOCATION Azul Diving Center MEETING TIME 9.30 AM PROGRAM
All year Round
2 hours
snorkeling madeira
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Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling in Madeira is safe, easy and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. It’s exercise and it’s relaxation. It’s an ideal adventure for families and friends. Almost anyone can snorkel! You do not need to be a great swimmer,
March to November
1/2 Day
Early bird!

Snorkel Diver Course

Snorkeling is quickly becoming one of the most popular water sport activities especially in resort areas. This exciting sport is easy to learn, inexpensive, an does not require you to be an Olympic swimmer to participate. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Azul Diving
March to November
1 day
Your dive center in Madeira

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